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Renowned Prophet Questions NPP’s Electoral Victory & Impliedly Calls Them “Thieves”

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On his Facebook wall, he is described as “a messenger of God sent to restore beauty to the church. A man endowed with secrets of divine wisdom for gloriousness. He is a model for every Christian”.

He is known for speaking his mind; that is, what God has told him about some political personalities, however, unpalatable it may be.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi is his name and he is never one to shy away from making the headlines.

The leader and founder of Glorious Wave Ministry has made yet another shocking remark regarding the New Patriotic Party (NPP’s) landmark victory in the just gone-by December polls.

He strongly believes there is something suspiciously wrong with the 2016 electoral results.

Thirteen (13) minutes into a lengthy interview on prophecies and how the general public should perceive them and his (Prophet Kobi’s) outlook on Ghana’s future, the Glorious Wave Chapel General Overseer dropped a bombshell.

Stopping short of saying the NPP won the 2016 elections under dubious means and the results inappropriately called for the party’s Presidential Candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, he told Fiifi Banson on Kasapa FM’s “Anopa Kasapa”, that “something is wrong somewhere” and asserted the tampering of the Electoral Commission (EC’s) electronic transmission devices needed thorough investigation.

It would be recalled that hours after voting ended in last December’s general polls, Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Charlotte Osei, blamed the delay in officially declaring the results of the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections to the breakdown of its electronic transmission devices.

Consequently, the EC was forced to call off the electronic transmission of results to the national collation centre from the constituency collation centres upon noticing that the process had been “compromised”.

The EC Boss, at a press conference, indicated that the commission had decided to go by the manual system.

“We agreed to make use of manual and electronic results transmission system and have reason to believe that it has been compromised and hence halted it…,” she stated.

Then comes another startling disclosure by the same electoral body. This time barely a week AFTER the declaration of the results.

A Deputy Chairperson of the Commission, Georgina Opoku Amankwaa, told Joyfm in an interview that its electronic transmission of figures were tampered with leading to a delay in the release of presidential results. According to her, the figures kept changing anytime they were keyed into the system. They therefore had to completely abandon the electronic transmission system.

Alluding to the Charlotte Osei press conference in particular, Prophet Badu Kobi wondered why no one seems interested in getting to the bottom of the matter.

“Errm, for me…there is something wrong somewhere…spiritually, God opened the way for the NPP to win the elections, but natural means (physically)…

…..see, the EC head made quite a remarkable statement and till date no statesman has thought it wise to investigate. Not former President Rawlings nor ex-President Kufuor. Even Nana Addo who touts himself as incorruptible and frowns on corruption, has not touched on the issue, same as President Mahama and Busumuru Kofi Annan; it baffles me.

That the EC Madam claims some of their equipment were tampered with and she said this publicly to the hearing of everyone on national television, yet no one deems it necessary to ask questions about it. I cannot understand this,” he shook his head clearly bemused.

Asked by the host if he “feels something went wrong”, the man of God intoned; “something is wrong somewhere”.

Pressed further by the host if the “something wrong somewhere” was what led to Nana Addo being declared eventual winner of the polls, Prophet Kobi responded; “I insist that in this particular election (2016) something is wrong somewhere!


“Thieves” and “Beef With Mac Manu”

Clearly unhappy that certain ills that occasioned the elections have still not been addressed, the out-spoken man of God repeated his claims at the tail end of the interview saying “there is something wrong with Ghana’s Election 2016 and if the truth fails to come out or is suppressed….”

“See if something belongs to you, you claim it through rightful means, I repeat….if you possess what belongs to you through legitimate means, blessings shall be your portion; but if you use any underhand methods, the consequences thereof shall follow you and that is what most people don’t want me to harp on….I repeat there is something wrong with Ghana’s elections and if it is not rectified, in the near future, some will resort to winning elections through technological means, through hacking and fair or foul means, and that is bad.

Elections are about people casting their vote so no government should attempt using devious and guileful ways to upend that. Secondly, no political party must call elections when the constitutionally mandated body hasn’t done so; it is wrong! It is illegal! You know, I’m saying this openly without any fear whatsoever, the NPP started with an illegality (calling the elections). Why should you declare yourself the winner?

EC is the mandated body to do so, thus give the EC the leeway to operate. And to do so (call an election) under the cover of darkness, its only thieves who do that…so I have a beef with Mac Manu. He claims the NPP used technology; which technology?”

He should call our bluff and showcase that so-called technology….It is about time we speak the truth at all times, irrespective of the repercussions. Some politicians want to rule over us but they are far from being honest…,” he sniggered.

Source: Nana Kwadwo Asante

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