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Lady accuses a celebrity of dumping her after spending all her life savings on him

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Ladies! You don’t want this to be you or even wish it on your worst enemy, never!.This conversation is between Chris Vincent and a Ghanaian lady and as sighted by, has broken her into pieces.

So, according to the lady, she dated a broke as$ showbiz personality close to two years and only for him to leave her when things got better.

The lady who remained anonymous and narrating her story said, she paid his bills, cooked for him, put money in his pockets and made sure he lacked nothing.

The showbiz personality according to the lady made her feel, she is the lady he has been waiting for and even took her home to meet his dad.

The lady in love stated, she even forgone her dreams to further her education abroad because the man had convinced her to let him go instead since he was unemployed at the time.

The lady continued to state how she had to go for her money from Jimray estates to relinquish owning a land just to get some capital to finance the guy’s visa.

She took her money from Jimray, secured the visa for the said showbiz personality—Only for him to later tell her he is not traveling anymore because he wants to revive his “dead” career.

When she asked him to visit, the guy told her he has to concentrate on his career and that’s getting all his attention for now—And that the lady should move on and find someone else.

He blocked her contact right after saying that and even blocked her on social media.The lady eventually got sacked from work for lack of concentration and poor performance.

The lady, in conclusion, she is emotionally and physically broken into pieces and has been crying for two weeks in her room. — Gradually shrinking, losing herself and sometimes think death is the only option.

Click “Photos” to read the chats between the lady and blogger Chris Vicent.



Source: ghpage

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