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Majid Michel speaks well after surgery

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Celebrated ghanaian actor Majid Michel who some few weeks past flew out of the country to endure surgery on his voice has been noticed during a new video shared on social media speaking absolutely well.

The actor somewhere last year started sounding weird whenever he talked creating folks question what really was happening to him.

“I don’t understand what’s wrong with my voice. i have checked at Korle-bu and 37 Military hospitals and that they all aforementioned there’s nothing wrong with my voice. they need checked my throat and everything is ideal,” he said.

“Over 2 years past, i used to be move and so suddenly my voice started breaking and it’s been like this for over 2 years now” Majid recounted.

He, however, stated that he’sready to speak well once given a electro-acoustic transducer with loudspeakers.

“It’s funny if i’ve got a electro-acoustic transducer with speakers it comes and if am giving a public speak or giving a public speech however chatting withyou prefer this or on a phonephone, it’s worse. You won’t hear Maine once you decision me on phone therefore you’ve got to text,” he indicated.

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