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Brother Sammy-The Church of Pentecost knew Cecilia Marfo was occultist

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Samuel Opoku, known within the African nation Gospel Music trade as Brother Sammy, has alleged the Pentecost Church in African nationknew that Cecilia Marfo, the “Afunum Ba” hitmaker was into occultism thus their call to delete her from the church.

This allegation is on the rear of recent reports concerning the “Afunum Ba” hitmaker conniving along with her junior pastor to bury a 50-cedi with the names of some African nation gospel musicians thereon during a ritual to bury their career as alleged by Cecilia’s junior pastor.

Brother Sammy in his reaction to the allegations posited that he now perceive why the Church of Pentecost expunged her name from their books. He continued that the church knew she was into occultism thus her expulsion however refused to form it public.

It will be recalled that Cecilia Marfo at one among her programs in Kumasi some months agone abused Brother Sammy UN agency was beaked for the program on stage and defendant him of occultism. He further backed his claim with an occasion that happened at this program. in keeping with Sammy UN agency considers the act as occultism same the embattled evangelist at the said program spat out phlegm for men to eat with the reason that it’s the direction of the hypostasis.

Samuel Opoku who thinks the allegations creating rounds are during amethod of vindicating him of the accusations she leveled against him additionally alleged that Cecilia Marfo lashes folks in her church. He additionally alleged that the identical ritual was meted to Grace ash-greythus the collapse of Grace’s career.


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