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Ghana’s main problem is caused by the Church of Pentecost- Ken Agyapong

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Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has defendant the Church of Pentecost of being the reason for all the issues in Republic of Ghana. 

According to him, the Church of Pentecost is noted for creating needless ‘noise’ throughout their prayer sessions and praying in tongues makes it terribly annoying.

He ascertained that the many tiny and new churches distressing the general public peace with tongues sprung out of the Church of Pentecost. 

“Most of those tongue-speaking churches came out of the Church of Pentecost,” he aforementioned on a UK Northern Ireland|kingdom} primarily based Sources Radio throughout an interview. 

Even though he couldn’t back his allegations with any substantive proof, the lawgiver is of the read that the Church of Pentecost upholds bound principles of the church. 

“My first cousin whom I took to America known as me one early morning around five am aforementioned he has established a church and needed me to shop for him some instruments and he further that once he gets 3 girls as members of the church things are going to be higher,” adult male Agyepong aforementioned.

When asked why 3 girls, adult male Agyapong explained that directly the ladies settle for the teachings of his first cousin, they’ll facilitatehim grow his church by tantalising others.


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