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Kennedy Agyapong- I wont speak on issues again;Why always paint me black

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“Apparently, stones had been pelted and also the eye of 1 peace officer had been hurt, it had been therefore unhealthy the Winneba hospital same they’ll need to refer him to capital of Ghana. I visited see true and that i offered some 5,000 cedis to cater for his medical bills….why didn’t they add that once they were writing the statement? Why do I perpetually need to be painted black”, queried Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong.

Ken Agyepong was expressing disappointment over reports that he abused a lawman once he visited intervene within the chaos that occurred at the University of Education, Winneba and a succeeding statement discharged by the Republic of Ghana Police Service.

A statement signed by ACP David Eklu warned the Assin Central MP to take care of his actions which the police won’t be intimidated

“The Police Administration, therefore, takes terribly robust exception to the behavior of adult male Kennedy Agyapong who is a Member of Parliament and advises him to be conscious of his actions towards cops while performing arts their lawful duties”, parts of the statement scan.

However, Mr. Agyapong who was livid concerning the present situation, in an interview on Asempa FM, said:

“We visited the University of Education, Winneba. we were invited by Education Minister to return and facilitate solve the chaos that was within the faculty. Education Minister organized the meeting to a tolerable degree, and that we reached an understanding.
The Council Chair same he had received a decision concerning the protests and destruction happening on field. therefore we have a tendency to waited once there was a touch calm then we went.

There were 3 sects; the suspended lecturers, the complaining students and also the police team. The lecturers explained to me that there hadn’t been any chaos up till the arrival of the police therefore I told them to be patient so I may seek advice from the police.

While surfing, the scholars were pelting stones and complaining , I told them to prevent and that i visited the police to talk to the commander and told him the problem had been resolved in order that they ought to let things be. Shortly once, I heard sounds from outside so I went back to the police and explained once more that the problem had been resolved, they told American state the scholarshad blocked the roads with logs and stones which they must be spoken to.
The students conjointly same we must always tell the police to unleash 2 of their students and stop cathartic tear gas. therefore I diode a number of the scholars to the police to relay the students issues at that purpose they’d force out guns. The commander told American state the scholars had hurt a number of their folks that reason they won’t wait any longer, they’ll shoot.

I cautioned them and told one among his team members who was reiterating the purpose that he ought to take care else I’ll guarantee he’s destroyed as a result of I didn’t perceive that a peace officer are inciting violence.
I didn’t watch for the commander as a result of even he had taught that his team shoot if they came shut, ought to i’ve got allowed them to kill people? does one apprehend what would have happened if I hadn’t intervened?”.

“Apparently, stones had been pelted and also the eye of 1 peace officer had been hurt, it had been therefore unhealthy the Winneba hospital same they’ll need to refer him to capital of Ghana. I visited see true and that i offered some 5,000 cedis to cater for his medical bills….why didn’t they add that once they were writing the statement? Why do I perpetually need to be painted black”, he asked.

He conjointly bemoaned the actual fact that “nobody asked me my aspect of the story”.

“They have dishonored me therefore badly I can’t forgive them, i will not interfere in any of those problems, they must do their own factor. i’ve got planned my life which of my youngsters, i’ll mind my business, i’ll not get entangled in any of this as a result of if I wasn’t referred to as on, I wouldn’t even have discomposed to travel there for police to jot down such things concerning American state. they’re a stupid administration. Am I mad to merely have stood up and gone to inform a lawman that he’ll be sacked? ought to i’ve got stood there for folks to die? Is it wrong on behalf of me to possess told him if he created statements that they must shoot, i’ll guarantee he’s sacked?”.

“You aren’t being truthful to me the least bit, however if this can be what you’ll do, i’ll not utter a word once more, that’s not my faculty, ghana isn’t on behalf of me, however, things go, I don’t care. I don’t care if ghana burns, my constituents, everybody. I’m tired, no one will simply disgrace me, at this time in my life, I can’t do that any longer, no matter happens ought to happen, i’ll not entertain that. i’ll never represent any peace officer to return and tell me rubbish”, he added.





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