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Teachers not paid salaries for 5 months- ‘Double-track’

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About 8000 teachers recruited by the govt. to facilitate the implementation of the disputed double track system below the Free SHS policy, haven’t been paid their salaries 5 months once their employment.

The ghana Education Service, that is answerable of process of the recently recruited academics for his or her biometric information to be captured and workers identity cards issued them, is alleged to be dragging its feet within the exercise.

Of the 3 processes needed, the new teachers have completed only 1, that is that the filling of what they termed IPPD forms. they’re however to endure biometric registration and to be issued with their ID cards.

According to the teachers who form the Association of newly Recruited academics (ANRT), they need met the Education Minister Mathew Opoku Prempeh double on the non-payment of their salaries, however there seems to be no hope in view for them.

President of the ANRT, Collins Nana told Tuesday that the Minister assured them in January this year that their salaries are paid March ending “but what we all know is that before we tend to get our pay we’ve to travel through all the processes”.

“They aren’t telling us the reality and that we must do one thing concerning,” he told

Earlier in March once they met the Education Minister for the second time, adult male Agyemang aforesaid the GES gave an excuse that they were having technical issues with their system, therefore the delays within the process of their salaries.

“We suppose they’re lying,” Agyemang aforesaid, indicating there appears to be a growing culture inside the GES wherever it takes a year or additional before recently recruited academics are paid.

“It’s traditional for them [but] i believe that’s a nasty factor. It’s extremely unhealthy. a number of us are troubled and that we must head to college too to teach” the ANRT president value-added.

He aforesaid life has become intolerable for the new teachers, noting a number of them struggled to secure accommodation as a result of they were denote to places that were “alien” to them and currently “how to even feed ourselves, it’s not been straightforward for us”

“The GES ought to tell U.S. what’s wrong; they’re speech communication system, what system?” Agyemang demanded.

Earlier in a very statement dated and issued weekday, the academics aforesaid 5 months once appointments letters got them, “nothing has been place in place to form positive that we teachers can have some monetary freedom to travel concerning our work with peace of mind”.

According to them, they’re currently featured with accommodation, transportation and feeding downside, stating “These are life threatening to mention the least”.

“What is heart-breaking is that the silence on the a part of stakeholders,” the cluster aforesaid.

They have therefore appealed to any or all stakeholders and President Nana Akufo-Addo to intervene to confirm they get their salaries.

“If government doesn’t intervene in a very timely manner, we’ll be compelled to require the required actions,” the academics warned.

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