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Anas starts online petition to get Nyantakyi prosecuted

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Undercover investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw has begun an internet petition to get former President of the ghana football Association (GFA) Kwesi Nyantakyi prosecuted.

Anas who is alarmed that months after his undercover range 12 exposé was premiered, no proper action has been taken against mr. Nyantakyi by the govt. of ghana.

Nyantakyi who was captured within the range 12 exposé engaging in some alleged shady deals had already been banned for life by the world soccer governing body, FIFA.

Anas believes, the online petition can compel the appropriate authorities to form the person who was once a member on CAF’s government Committee to face the criminal charges he deserves.

Anas in a writeup on the online petition platform expressed shock that the attorney General has failed to take up the matter despite the circumstantial evidence that compelled FIFA to ban Nyantakyi.
“Police have completed investigations into likely criminal misconduct by mr. Nyantakyi. They submitted their findings to the attorneyGeneral last year [2018]. The attorney General has not taken any action on the case until date. Please help us ask the lawyer General to move this case forward. Mr. Nyantakyi should face legal action over a number of his misconduct, that borders on criminality,” Anas added.

According to Anas, should Kwesi Nyantakyi be made to travel scot-free, it will solely provide credence to the weak laws that are apparentlygoverning Ghanaians within the country.

According to Anas, ought to Kwesi Nyantakyi be made to travel scot-free, it’ll only give credence to the weak laws that are apparentlygoverning Ghanaians within the country.

“If Nyantakyi isn’t prosecuted, our collective fight against corruption are going to be pointless. it’ll additionally send a proof to several voters that the law solely deals with the poor, however the wealthy and powerful can not be control answerable for their actions.”

As of the time this piece was being revealed, about 1,500 people had supported the petition.

Below is Anas’ full statement on his petition

“Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, is a ghanaian who, till 8 june 2018 was a member of the FIFA Council; a member of the FIFA Associations Committee; first vice president of the Confederation of African soccer (CAF); President of the West African football Union (WAFU) Zone B and President of the ghana football Association.

Past news reports made allegations of corruption against him, but he dismissed them for lack of proof. He at times threatened to or sued journalists in a bid to silence them. we tend to wanted to know if there was any basis for the perception of corruption, especially after the much-publicized money claims fiasco that characterised Ghana’s participation within the 2014 FIFA world cup in Brazil.

For three (3) months in 2017, I (together with my team at Tiger Eye) investigated (and later produced associate secret journalism documentary) within which we tend to found that man. Nyantakyi broken the criminal laws of ghana – including offences as concealing, corruption, bribery, and fraud by false pretenses, by abusing his workplace.

These were uncovered as hard facts, captured on audio/visual recording, electronic mail correspondence, and a memo of understanding drafted by man. Nyantakyi in his handwriting, and afterwards type-printed and signed by him. His abuse of office was in respect to the following:

1. A endeavor within which he set up an organization that will divert commissions on support deals to the ghana soccer Association.

2. In an elaborate attempt to introduce my outfit to the govt. of the Republic of ghana. Mr. Nyantakyi demanded USD12m as “appearance” fee totalling USD12m to be distributed to the President of the Republic of ghana (USD5m); vice president of the Republic of Ghana (USD3m); Minister for Roads & Highways (USD2m); Deputy Minister for Roads & Highways (USD1m) and for himself (USD1m). These acts were in violation of his roles in FIFA, a citizen of ghana and duties as President of the Ghana football Association.

Based on the foregoing, we requested a full-scale investigation into the activities of mr. Nyantakyi, especially his stewardship of the ghana soccer Association and Fountain Savings & Loans limited. FIFA investigated, then penalized and prohibited him from all football-related activities. In Ghana, he was inactive, then granted bail.
Police have completed investigations into likely criminal misconduct by mr. Nyantakyi. They submitted their findings to the attorney General last year. The attorney General has not taken any action on the case until date. Please help us ask the lawyer General to move this case forward.

Mr. Nyantakyi should face criminal prosecution over some of his misconduct, which borders on criminalness. we are causation letters, making calls, sending social messages to all government entities that can facilitate us MOVE this case to the next level. we are reaching out to news media to help unfold the word. If Nyantakyi is not prosecuted, our collective fight against corruption are going to be pointless.

It will also send a signal to many citizens that the law only deals with the poor, but the rich and powerful cannot be held responsible for their actions. Please sign this petition, take the actions requested and share with everyone you know to maneuver this case forward.

Thank You most for your assistance in this imperative matter.”






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