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PNC’s Atik Mohammed – ‘Scandal-ridden’ NPP gov’t has incompetent communicators

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Leading Member of the opposition People’s National Convention Atik mohammed has berated the Communication Team of the ruling government for being totally incompetent in communicating government achievements.

In a statement authored by the previous Policy Analyst of the PNC sighted by, he aforementioned the ruling party’s communicators seem to own no coaching or strategy to speak government achievements rather resort to insults and leveling.

“When a government appears to own lots of unresolved scandals on the table, it will well to not any destroy the appetite of the citizenry by adding unrefined communication to the menu.” he said.

“Some people who purport to talk on behalf of government in recent times, in my estimation achieve destroying any what’s left of its goodwill. Aggressive, half- informed and “equalization” communication doesn’t cut it in today’s political communication.” he detected.

He further further: “Some of them assume the NDC are the sole audience they’re talking to, so that they should the least bit times outdo them in the mention of scandals and unimposing records. currently and this can be the thrust of my comment. The voter distribution in ghana is bimodal. the 2 modes represent the core support of the NPP and NDC severally, borne differentwise referred to as floating voters and other minority parties.

In such a system, the focus of political parties is to move from their core towards the center whenever the marginal advantage of such a movement so much exceeds the monetary value of staying to please the core. what’s the purpose altogether of this analysis?

It is simply that, parties in power must recognize that, the target of their policies and messages is not to the core of their parties however to voters within the center who create the difference. and so communicate in such a manner, as to get the support of the middle and not toplease your core group or displease the other core. this can be because focusing on the “cores” yields a net impact of zero.”

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