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Media coalition sad over ‘disputed’ clause in RTI Bill

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The Media Coalition on the proper to information Bill still has some reservations despite the monumental passing of the proper to data(RTI) Bill into law.

The group still has some issues with a number of the clauses within the Bill deemed potential barriers to accessing data.

The group, that has smartly campaigned for the passage of the RTI Bill and had place further pressure on Parliament to agency the method. It had also urged the review of a number of the clauses before the passage however its request was turned down.

Elvis Darko, a number one member of the Media Coalition and Editor of the Finder newspaper told Citi News that “we are happy if the Bill may be a bill that may be credible, and can create access to information straightforward.”

In clause 13 of the Bill, public establishments are given protection beneath the gloss of protecting thoughtful processes.

“The deliberative method of each establishment ought to be protected and that they left it like that,” Mr. Darko bemoaned.

“That blanket protection may well be misconstrued and wont to deny people who apply for information thus Parliament ought to simply have superimposed yet another clause that claims once the thoughtful method ends, protection given to any or all information conjointly ends but Parliament rejected that proposal. Meanwhile, it’s information we have a tendency to are searching for that’s why we are passing the Bill.”

About RTI

The RTI is meant to be a basic right bonded by the Constitution and recognized as a right beneath International Conventions on Human rights.

The passage of the Bill provides substance to Article 21 (1) (f) of the Constitution that states that “All persons shall have the proper to data subject to such qualifications and laws as are necessary for a democratic society.”

The RTI Bill was initial written in 1999 beneath former President, Kraut John Rawlings.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in its 2008 and 2012 election manifestos secure to make sure the Bill was passed. In 2010, it absolutely was conferred to Parliament for thought.

In 2011, the govt signed unto the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Initiative with a commitment to pass the law. In november 2013, the Bill was formally set before Parliament.

Former attorney General, Deputy dominic Ayine in 2015, moved the Bill for presentation in Parliament. In Oct 2016, the Bill was withdrawn and replaced with a replacement one that was right away set.

Following the dissolution of the Sixth Parliament of the Fourth Republic and also the swearing-in of recent Parliament in Jan 2017, the Bill had to be re-laid by the new government before work commences thereon.

Parliament finally passed RTI Bill into law on Tues, March 26, 2019, when many policy changes and amendments.






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