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VGMA should take out ‘Bobolebobo’ from all categories – Artiste manager bristle

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The artiste manager for gospel musician Minister Isaac Sie, is asking VGMA organisers to protect the sanctity and quality of the award scheme and further lamented regarding how his artiste has been sidelined in the thick of copyright infringement problems with Evangelist I K Aning.

Divine Amett-Korkoryie, who has signed Minister Isaac Sie – the musician behind the original version of viral gospel song “Boborebobo” – has beseech charterhouse Ghana limited, the organisers of the Voodafone Ghana Music Awards, to remove the song from all the gospel categories.

According to the Dhe-Gilly Records imprint owner, there’s a legal battle over the nominated song which makes it ineligible for a nod at this year’s ceremony.

He claimed the replacement of “Boborebobo” in the “Gospel Song of the Year” category throughout the just ended 3 Music Awards is enough proof for Ghanaians and awards organisers to spot the rightful owner.

Mr Amett-Korkoryie told in an interview on thursday, April 4, that the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) have taken up the matter and have even flagged Evangelist I K Aning’s version of the song so charterhouse ought to follow the suit.

He appealed on the President of MUSIGA, Bice Osei Kuffour ‘Obour’, to: “intervene in the matter and leave a legacy for posterity.”

Amett-Korkoryie stressed that: “Charterhouse should investigate and take out ‘Bobolebobo’ from all the appointive categories because it doesn’t qualify.”

He called on the organisers of VGMA to protect the sanctity and credibleness of the award scheme by removing the song.

“We would also want charterhouse to protect the holiness and credibility of the VGMA (as they have continually done) by taking out the song from all categories filed for.”



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