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Husband snatching charms a mad rush by ghanaian ladies

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There is presently a mad rush for husband snatching charms by ghanaian girls who are seen in longer queues at the shop of Mama Gee.

Mama Gee who is a provider ,the charms among sexual sweetening product, has shockingly discovered that she helps young ladies charm wealthy men in the country in return for money reason some rich men cannot let go off ladies they’re dating.

A viral video sighted by has discovered girls of all shapes, sizes and complexion trooping into the look of woman who has revealed she has a solution to their issues which is snatching husbands of other women and also making large money.

Explaining how the charms work, she said her product upgrade ladies’s private parts to ‘sweetness’ totally different from other women where they become irresistible to their partners.

Mama Gee juxtaposed cooking to the woman’s private parts where spices are garnished to make it tasty and that ladies need some charm to smear on their private parts and faces to receive the cheques, houses, traveling, cars they dream of among other things.

According to her, it’s not so simple for rich men to easily offer out their monies to ladies they have unbridled sex with and that ladies need to device other means to get monies from men for their maintenance and businesses.

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