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Proof from ladies who used Mama Gee’s charm knocks out on Ghanaians

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The Food and drugs Authority yesterday arrested famous ghanaian woman, Mama Gee who has been marketing unlicensed herbal mixture that she claims can charm men and enhance sex

Ghpage following her arrest chanced upon a number of testimonies from some women who have bought and used Mama Gee’s herbal charm.

Interestingly, all the prophesies were heaping praises on Mama Gee and her products. They listed variety of miraculous things the charm has done for them.

To make the claims Mama Gee makes is one thing but for others to affirm it really works have shocked many of us on social media who are already jubilating over her arrest.

For months now, Mama Gee has been selling herbal medicians on social media even has a shop at accra where she sells charms which can make men stupid and head over heels in love with a lady who uses it.

She claims it makes one’s vagina soo sweet that the man will do anything you. She also has some medicines she calls ” Do as we say”, ‘Favor” “Paa Paa” etc.

A video of serval number of ladies queued at her shop to buy the juju went viral on social media yesterday and the Food and drugs Authority with the police storm Mama Gee’s shop arrested her and locked up her shop.

The action has been applauded by many Ghanaians most importantly men and married women who were involved about the fast trending charm.






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