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It is too childish for Samini to come out like that – Shatta Wale

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Shatta has spoke back to Samini after he came out to mention that Stonebwoy is a ‘Sellout’ and that he need to have alerted him on his scheduled conflict with Shatta.

Samini accused Stonebwoy of disloyalty because instead him (Stonebwoy), Shatta Wale was the one who picked the phone to call him and provide an explanation for the whole thing on a scheduled conflict between them.

He stated:

“I expect you to hold my back and defend me like I do. When issues spring up, we cover it lowkey and talk and know how to handle things, that’s how I expect you to do things when they are going this way. I did not expect Bandana to be the one to call me or for me to see it online, Samini said in a video making rounds on social media.”

Shatta Wale has served Samini. He stated the time he had desired to clash with him, he stated his breand was small. He also stated that Samini need to have supported Stonebwoy publicly whilst their VGMA brouhaha popped up leading to their arrest.

Shatta also said that it’s very chidish for Samini to cry out over their sheduled after they made peace months after their conflict.

Watch the video below:

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