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Socrate Safo bashed D- Black saying the leaked video was pushed out for a purpose

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One of Ghana’s filmmaker Socrate Safo says the supposed sex tape of hip-pop rapper, Desmond Blackmore a.k.a D-Black and his American ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Nicole, which currently streamed is an agenda set to create distraction.

Speaking on Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review Show over the weekend, the award-winning director whiles failing to show who was behind the video or for what particular reason it was published, stated his expert investigation of the video makes him doubt its truthfullness.

“I have seen the video and as a filmmaker I doubt it, I think there is a game behind it. It is not genuine,” he said.

Pushing on his claim during the discussion, Socrate Safo add up that “After watching the video technically if you ask me, I will tell you there is more to the video. I think it was specifically pushed out to distract. Yes, whoever edited it, when you watch the way it has been edited, you see that there is more to it. It has been edited for a purpose …… Maybe this was released to distract people. There are two videos joined together, the first video when you look at the people in it and you look at the second video, I think we should throw it away. I don’t think it is something we should be worrying our heads over.”

Last week, social media was flooded with reports of a sex video supposed to be that of D-Black and an unknown woman.

Following the details, an American politician and philanthropist, Adrienne Nicole owned up as the woman in the video and claimed that the video was recorded sometime back while she and D Black were lovers.

She disclosed that she currently lost her phone at an airport and later obtained messages from a person taxing for a ransom in order not to launch her personal videos.

According to her, she declined the ransom request and while she was seeking to get the government involved in the matter, the video was launched on the internet by the blackmailer.

D-Black himself is yet to talk on the matter.

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