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Kwasi Ernest goes gaga on on Dave Joy

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Artiste supervisor and ordinary pundit on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review Show, Kwasi Ernest, has strongly advised Dave Joy, the ex-husband of gospel musician Joyce Blessing, not to use him to satisfy his point of view.

Whiles sharing his opinion on the show, Dave Joy called into the show to strongly warn him (Kwasi Ernest) to be cautious the way he goes about the troubles at hand. He in part blamed Kwasi Ernest for the issues he is going through with his ex-spouse despite the fact that he admitted that he has not fully handed over Joyce Blessings’ social media handles due to the fact she refused him access to his children.

“I have her Instagram account. She should allow me to see my children. She’s even sent me to court… I’ve told her to grant me access to my children but she says she’s not ready… I haven’t granted her access to her Instagram because she hasn’t given me access to my children and my things in the house. If she’s ready today to grant me access to meet my children, I will also hand over her Instagram to her,” he mentioned on the program.

Reacting to Dave Joy’s outburst, Kwasi Ernest requested why he’s being blamed for some thing he has no hand in.
According to him, Dave Joy had already revealed why he has not given Joyce Blessing her passwords and he’s stunned why he (Dave Joy) has now switched on to blame him (Kwasi Ernest)
“I have not told anyone not to give access to his children, you have confessed here that you have not given Joyce her passwords because she has not granted you access to your children, how am I being blamed for this? But I will accept the blame, I am the reason why his wife met the ‘sun’, I am the reason Joyce was relevant. It is through me that Joyce became a star, so I will accept the blame. Maybe, if I had stayed in my room and slept, or groomed a different artiste and spent all my time and resources on her, maybe no one would come on air today and blame me. So I accept the blame…” Kwasi Ernest stated.
He, however, stated whether he’s blamed or not, it’ll not prevent him from speaking about the troubles. He stated as an entertainment expert while issues arise, it’s far his God-given human right to speak to the issues and no one will take that away from him.
“ He can blame me but that will not stop me from talking about the issue or any other issue for that matter. When issues come and they are wrong we will talk about it, I am a grown man, I have the right to express my opinion. Social media, Facebook etc., we didn’t create it but we are here feeling proud that we have ceased passwords, tomorrow when we wake up and the owners have shut it down what will we do? Let us not hide behind sentiments to say things that are not true. I haven’t worked with Joyce over three years ago, that’s why I don’t want to talk about Joyce, when issues come we will talk. If you don’t understand, take me to The Hague,” he stated.

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