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I can never be a gospel artiste because I won’t stop fornicating- Queen Haizel

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Upcoming dancehall artiste, Queen Haizel has bravely opened up about why she can never change her style of music to gospel.

This came after Foster Romanus requested her on the Late Nite Celebrity Show on eTV Ghana why of all styles like afrobeat, RnB or maybe gospel that she could have selected to do, her desire was dancehall.

Haizel said that there are a lot of things, which includes fornication, that she would has to hold back from doing if she were to be a gospel artiste, and she does not trust that she can hold up with such a life.

Foster asked her if she can lead a worship sitting to which she replied, “I could but I wouldn’t. It’s not that I don’t like God but I feel like when I do gospel, I’m not supposed to fornicate and do other minor things but if I do gospel, I’ll still be doing those things and it’ll be like I’m deceiving God and myself”.

She added up that she has an excessive amount of appreciation to God, therefore, she can’t put herself in a position where she has to excercise what she preaches in her songs but instead does the opposite. She additionally stated the fact that she is not yet married as one of the reasons why she can’t be a gospel musician and end fornication.

The musician once more clear up that she will not totally identified as a dancehall artiste, but she will also look  into different genres to satisfy the music needs or preferences of everyone.






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