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Funny Face descends on Prince David Osei

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Annoyed Funny Face who has had failed marriages amongst others insulted Prince David Osei and charged him of joining forces with colleagues in the industry to plan his downfall.

A prayer emoji from Prince David Osei supposed to speak how he sympathises with Funny Face has landed him in problem as the wild comedian threw tantrums in reaction, cautioning the actor to cut up the pretence or face his wrath.
“Don’t let me start revealing your secrets. You teamed up with my haters Kalybos, Bismark, Liwin, General Ntetia to disgrace me… You guys called for a war. You can’t handle,” Funny Face remarked.
Video of his arrest eventually streamed numerous social media platforms. The videos catches how Funny Face was shoved by the police.
A displeased Funny Face later shared the video on his Instagram web page and underlined it:
“Ghana Police will burn in hell. Armed robbers will continue to shoot and kill u all in JESUS name” – a put up which obtained pity from many which includes Prince David Osei but his consolation was wildly rejected.
Prince David Osei took to his page to sympathize with the comedian ,he wrote “My brother I am not against you and can never be against you brother, I feel your pain and empathize with you…”

“Everything will be okay bro, it is interesting how some people including bloggers, sending me screenshots of you insulting me on your page, just because I sent a word of prayer to you… I won’t let them win bro, just wondering why they won’t use that same energy they using now to make stupidity trend, to solicit help for you, and talk about your Police Brutality… Praying for you FunnyFace all these shall pass soon!! PRAY FOR FUNNY FACE.”F


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