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Funny Face has been kept under a wicked spell by his own colleague – Prophet Prince Elisha

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A famous prophet, Prince Elisha Osei Kofi has claimed that the reason of Funny Face’s endless distress is due to a terrible charm that has been cast on him by one of his fellow workers who he once had an issue with.

According to the prophet, although Funny Face has settled with that specific person, the charm cast on him has still not been reversed at the shrine he was sent to.

“Remember I once told you guys to pray for Funny Face and that someone has taken him to the shrine to embarrass him? And that he will run mad and roam the streets? Those things have started to manifest. A celebrity, a very popular person is responsible for all the tribulations Funny Face is going through. He took Funny to a shrine. Even though that person has reconciled with Funny Face, the spell has still not been reversed,” he mentioned.

A video that has gone viral on social media, the prophet has called on Ghanaians to step in for the comedian else his situation will go from bad to worse.

“I want all of us to continue to pray for him. All the things I saw about him have started coming to pass. If we don’t intensify our prayers, we’ll all wake up one day and realize that Funny Face has run mad,” he said.

During his trouble with the police, most celebs which include those that he had a tough relationship with extended their support.The likes of Prince David Osei and LilWin, of Funny Face’s enemies did not delay to show they are behind the comedian in his struggling times.

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