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“I have time for you”: Pay me my $15,000 – Aisha Modi fires Nana Akua Addo

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While showing disappointment over a supposed act by Nana Akua Addo which she tagged treacherous, Aisha Modi stated the actress and fashionista has failed to pay back an amount of $15,000 she took as a loan some months ago.

Angry Aisha Modi stated in an audio recording which has gone viral that Nana Akua Addo lent from her the stated amount seven months ago. In spite of being unable to refund, the actress, according to Aisha Modi, is tarnishing her fame with mud, a situation she does not understand.

“You came for a $15,000 loan from me and after seven months, you’ve still not paid back. Instead of you to do the needful, you’re sending messages. You see what kind of a bitch you are?” Aisha Modi let out.

The loyal fan of Stonebwoy claimed that Nana Akua Addo let down their friendship by initiated a move to get her off Kimani’s team, some weeks after she [Aisha] had been made the supervisor of the Kenyan musician.
“How could you be this wicked?” Aisha Modi questioned. “It is high time you stopped that nonsense. Kimani comes to Ghana, I’m made a manager, you go into the person’s inbox to tell the fellow I am not good as a manager so I shouldn’t be made her manager…”

“If you’re not loyal to me, I’ll vehemently retaliate when you mess up with me,” she added amid threats to assault the actress. “I’ll beat you like my child. This backbiting trait is getting too much.”

Aisha Modi in addition accused Nana Akua Addo of investing in useless ventures which includes clothes rather than using her money sensibly and also resorted to the use of swear words to explain the fashionista and her mother.
“You have fake buttocks thanks to the silicon. You backbite me when I know your beginning? Enough of the tomfoolery,” she remarked. “I have time for you. I will bite you when you bite me. I’ll beat you mercilessly. This hypocrisy is untoward. I work hard, earn my money, you come for a loan and fail to pay back yet dent my image?”


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