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Kennedy Agyapong angrily blast parent who name their children after him

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Honorable Kennedy Agyapong is sad about the manner some of his workmates decide to endorse the irresponsible behaviour of a few parents in the country.

As reported by him, because of the fear of losing the following elections, politicians are afraid to talk the truth to some of the parents who tend to position their burden on the politicians.

“Some parents are so irresponsible,” Kennedy Agyapong stated adding that, “you are a guy, you go and sleep with a woman, have good sex with her, make babies then you foolishly bring your responsibility to me that you’ve named the child after me so I should take care of him,” Kennedy Agyapong told Metro TV in a report.

Agyapong revealed that there are over 200 kids named after him and their parents count on him to take obligation for their well-being, simply because they bear my name.

He added that his workmates aren’t bold enough to criticize some of these things that occur in society.

“They come to my house, [from] as far as Sefwi, when they come, they say ‘oh I named my child after you’ then I say OK thank you; they will stand there till they get something…they will be tormenting your life; standing there from maybe 10 AM till about 6 PM waiting for you to give them something before leaving your house…” he added up.

He specified that if he in the unlikely event becomes president of this nation, he’ll match these kinds of irresponsible parents to go and work.

He declared that the authorities can’t please everybody therefore “we need to conscientize the people to stop thinking that the government has to give them everything; it won’t help us.”

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