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Shatta Wale records a two minutes diss track for Arnold tittled ‘Hwe’

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Shatta Wale has launched a 2-minute long diss track for entertainment pundit Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo who has rather run up his wrath.

It can be remembered that Mr Asamoah-Baidoo and Shatta Wale argued on live TV after the former called the latter “confused and inconsistent”.

Shatta Wale who did not take such declaration lightly also shoot back at the pundit and throw insults at him. He ridiculed Arnold’s shoes, decreased his character to nothing and classified him a pauper.

To those who thought ‘the fight’ may have ended after the 2 accepted apologies, it didn’t. Without much delay, the dancehall artiste interpreted all the words he knock over directly to Arnold’s face into a full ‘diss track’ titled ‘Hwe’.

Shatta was heard saying; “What be your problem, entertainment journalist? For where? Who bi you? See face, see shoe?” Following the launch of that specific song, many have criticized the dancehall artiste for publicizing a diss track for a ‘journalist’.

These people are of the view that Arnold is not Shatta’s peer in terms of song and as such, it is unrelated to record a diss track for him.

Others defined the track as ‘empty’ and ‘irrelevant’ including that with the tangent the dancehall is turning towards, it will not possible for him to ‘sweep’ important international awards including the ‘Grammy’s someday.

“’A’ list musicians can’t win Grammy? Just use Shatta as an example; You had banter with a fellow … the next day or two, you drop a “Useless” tune. (A diss song) For who to listen? There’s no proper planning for music here in Ghana again! Everything has become nyamaaaaa! I just want someone to explain the Logic in this track. Pure Nonsense…and very Empty! Yet we shout, Ghana to the world!” a social media user wrote.

Listen to the song below:





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