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MUSIGA supports DJs Union of Ghana

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The management of the DJs Union of Ghana (DJUGA) has met the acting President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to talk about matters of mutual interest to help the development of Ghana’s music industry.

The DJUGA group added one of it’s patrons, Rev Azigiza, the Founder, Merqury Quaye and Acting Vice President, Hubert Kofi Anti.

The conversation included areas of achievable collaboration to promote Ghanaian music and capacity building programmes amongst others.

On his part, the acting President of MUSIGA, Bessa Simons showed his excitement at the cooperation saying, “Our musicians need the support of the DJs to promote their works and Ghana Music.”

The Founder of DJUGA, Merqury Quaye, mentioned, “Both DJs and musicians need each other to succeed and this relationship will ensure just that.”

Former award-winning DJ and dancer who’s one of the patrons of DJUGA, Rev Azigiza mentioned the teaming that such a connection can generate and applauded the initiative for DJUGA and the complete idea which should result in the big promotion of Ghanaian music.

With membership around 1,000, the DJs’ Union Of DJUGA was set up this year to cater for the interests of DJs in Ghana, with an objective to secure the company of all DJs for mutual safety and advancement.





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