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If i become President, i will take in the steps of the late JJ Rawlings – Kwaw Kesse

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Popular Ghanaian hiplife artiste, Kwaw Kesse has declared that the only way he can assist change the current economic affairs in the country is by becoming President.

As reported by him, all he desires is for everything to work out in the country to make sure better living for all Ghanaians.

“I only want things to work. I don’t believe in any political party because they let us down.”

Speaking to Rev Erskine in the Myd Morning Radio Show, he indicated that, “If I’ll do anything like that then, I’ll stand for President and it’ll be for a good cause to make things work in the country.”

He mentioned that, we’ve relied on our leaders for far too long and yet still we are not seeing any changes.

“We have relied on people who have been to schools and have masters and PHDs but still, they come back to steal money from the ordinary people. They steal from the billions of dollars that Ghana borrows to improve our living but nothing is happening,” he said.

Kwaw Kese shared that, if he’ll do anything, it’ll be to better the country and, “I’ll try to be a leader who will lead and make sure things happen.”

Speaking about which leader’s governance he’ll take indications from to rule if he becomes President he said, “I’ll take in the steps of the late JJ Rawlings.”






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