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I have been in the battle of my life: I saw death – Da Hammer

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Celebrated music producer, Da Hammer, had a horriblel battle with COVID-19 as he fought to stay alive in the clinic. Then, he’s on a campaign to teach the general public that coronavirus is real and deadly.

“Hello everybody, it’s been a while, and I have so much to say. I don’t even know where to start. I have been away for a month. And I have been in the battle of my life. I have faced an adversary that I have never faced as long as I have lived. I have been to hell and back, basically.

“And I wanted to share this because it is important that people know what lurks around our neighborhoods, around our offices, around our daily endeavors basically. So a month ago, I had malaria. And you know Ghana and our self-treatment, I go get Coartem,” he continued.

Hammer of the last two, revealed that he stayed on the treatment for 3 days. But he was getting bad, so he marked to get a right clinical test done. As reported by the results, he had malaria and typhoid and was given cure.

Luckily for him, a nurse walked in and mentioned that malaria and typhoid levels in his blood were too low to have been causing such a reaction. But he stroked it apart till he got bad 3 days later and couldn’t breathe properly. He was rushed to the clinic and was right away placed on COVID-19 treatment.

“It was 1 am, and I was suffering. The bell that calls the Nurses wasn’t working. So I really thought that I was going to go. My breathing became a problem. I was suffering. I had a panic attack. It was 1 am I was calling the nurse. I think I actually shed a tear because I was scared.

“Listen, I was afraid. I was afraid, and I thought I was going to go. So I was scared. So I was doing these videos because I truly thought I was going to go. And I wanted to leave something behind that people could use, especially my family,” he concluded.

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