About Us

About Us:

1Family Group Limited is a Ghana based group of companies, which focuses on adding more to life. It is professionally
managed, privately held company with a tremendous history of exceptional customer service. It
is a great company, most importantly, we work with you to understand your project and help
build it into content that reaches and resonates with your costumers and audience. Spearheaded
by our advanced management team, we utilize innovative technology, systematic training and
our multi-faceted industry experience to provide customized solutions for our customers.
We have extensive experience producing professional development, education, and documentary
content. In general, advertising agencies are not deemed agents of the advertisers, because they
act as principals for the services they buy on behalf of their clients.

The Radio and TV known as 1F Radio (1Family Radio) and 1FTV (1Family TV) is a subsidiary of 1Family Group Limited, which focuses on Event organizing, Film Production, Sounds, Images, Publications, Media School, Radio and online radio.
Also 1F Solutions (1Family Solutions) is a subsidiary of 1Family Group Limited which operates as Purchasing and supply firm, Sole distributor, Export and Import firm, Creativity and Innovation firm, Recording Label, Advertising Firm and a Travel & Tour Firm




To serve the communities in Ghana, Ghanaians in diaspora, Africa and the rest of the world, by making them feel at home as they listen to a variety of programs, which include News, Sports, Documentaries, Great interviews, well-organized Events and pure entertainment. It is geared towards making life exciting.



To become the voice of the people and a world class African Business media Group

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